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Our wood workshop is located in the heart of Småland, a well-known region for its abundant cultural heritage and furniture manufacture industry in Sweden. Here we develop our ideas with nature surroundings and cooperate with the local suppliers and producers.

In the workshop we can do:
- idea and product development
- 3D printer for small model
- customised furniture and interior both in solid     wood and sheet material (drawing required)
- furniture restoration 
- spray painting


Altendorf F45 table saw
Drill machine
woodturning machine
spindle moulder
rikt-planhyvel maskin bredd 310mm
planhyvel 500mm bredd
hydraulic press

breddbandputs 600mm
horizontal belt sander
CNC 4-axis
laser engraving machine 600x 900 mm
Various power tools and hand tools

We are always interested in meeting creatives and collaborations :)

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