Rarra is a piece of furniture which was the result of a workshop held with the local kindergarten in Dals Langed. In cooperation with the kindergarten we find out the needs of the children in the context of the library space. The result was Rarra, a playful creature that makes great company for reading.


60cm x 40cm x 55cm


Ash, fabric

Price   12500 SEK (incl. VAT at 25%)

We mostly deliver within Sweden.

Global delivery and interests, please contact us by phone +46 767908934 or info@unnatra.com

Cooperated with poppins möbelklinik

providing customized curtain


Vi är fyra personer som jobbar på Poppins med över 80 års samlad yrkeserfarenhet. Omklädsel och gardinarrangemang är ett hantverk och vi har utbildning från Träcentrum och Carl Malmsten-skolan samt hantverksutbildning i Leksand. Vi samarbetar också med möbelsnickare för att kunna ta hand om hela din möbel.


We designed the feet to have a slight angle on the bottom so that the user could rock from side to side. Our research told us that having a slight rocking motion can actually help the user to focus and concentrate.


A pocket was included for personal belongings or extra book storage. Watch out! because it might bite your finger.


Instead of a flat surface on the seating area, we wanted to make it more tactile so we designed the seat upholstery to be ribbed.

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